Introduction to Shame/Less

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Hi, I’m Justin Henry. I’m a Christian author, speaker, husband, father, and full-time non-profit fundraiser. I love spending time with my daughters and wife, being outdoors fly-fishing, hunting, or playing golf, woodworking, and loving my neighbors.

I also struggled with alcohol abuse for much of my young adulthood. For about a decade, I was stuck in a cycle of anxiety, alcohol abuse, shame, and guilt. It was extremely hard on my wife to know that I was not the same man at the end of the day that I was when I woke up. And the whole time, I was trying to hide my struggle from the people around me; my family, my wife, my coworkers, my friends, and my church community. It wasn’t until I began walking with a group of men at The Village Church through their Recovery program that I was able to open my heart to what God had been telling me and respond to His voice to overcome the shame and guilt that led to my addiction.

In January of 2022, I set out to write a book based on my experience with addiction, shame, guilt, and, most importantly, grace. This site is an extension of that effort and a meeting place for anyone who wants to learn more about this journey. I want this to become a community of people who, like me, have struggled or are struggling with the shame and guilt that crowds out the joy in our lives. This should be a place where we can come together in encouragement, celebration, sorrow, and struggle. No matter where you are in your journey through shame, know that you are loved and that there is hope.

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